September 3, 2010

I'd like a heads up ...

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of the "pop-in". You've heard the stories, you have listened to my rantings and you graciously oblige me. We have had a couple of slip-ups over the years but I'm willing to look past that. After all, I realize we are only human. 

When we moved into our first apartment I quickly realized that laws needed to be laid down. Ground needed to be set. A foundation, established, if you will. And I did just that. Not sure if the finesse came across the way that I intended it to. I thought of it as, "Please give me a heads up if you are going to swing by so I can make sure we are home." But I fear it may have seemed more like, "Don't you dare show up at my doorstep unannounced, you creepy son of a bitch!" Either way, it did the trick. I may not have come out the hero but what can ya do? Can't win 'em all. 

It isn't as though I am running some shady dealings behind closed doors. Nor am I living amongst heaps of garbage and old shoes. I can assure you that our home is always tidy and I live an honest life. I do however enjoy lounging with a fresh, clean face, wearing yoga pants and a tank top. I shuffle around in ratty, old bunny slippers that are just weeks away from seeing the inside of a garbage truck. I pin and clip my hair in eleven different directions to keep it out of my way. And I make a LOT of eggs. Stinky. I would rather you give me a call and we set up a time. It's not that I am soooooooooo busy that you need an appointment - it's that I want to make things lovely. I want to put on makeup and acceptable clothing. I want to take those god-awful pins out of my locks and spruce up a bit. I want to light seventy four candles to cover up any breakfast, lunch or dinner stenches. And naturally I want to Swiffer the floor so you don't have to wade through Brody's fur corpses. Now that's understandable, isn't it??     

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  1. NO WAY!! I pin and clip my hair up in eleven different directions too.


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