September 19, 2010

clappin' gnats...


Opening curtains and then closing them immediately when I realize how bright it is outside. 

Doing dishes a million times a day while the dishwasher sits there watching me. 

Pinning my hair the hell away from my face and then demanding that my hairdresser cuts my hair to hang directly in my face. 

Wiping water from the bathroom sink and vanity. 
Trying to convince Brody that the people walking/biking/driving by our house have the right to do so.

Clappin' gnats dead when they hover around my plants or whiz past my face in the kitchen or bathroom. 

Forgetting that I have put something in the washer or dryer therefore spending days on just one load of towels. 

Making too many pitchers of iced green tea. 

Scanning the walls desperately to find space for a new project or arrangement and then obsessing over it until I complete my vision. 

Folding our kitchen towels into neat squares so they don't look too messy on the counter.

Deciding what scented candle I shall fill the air with each and every day. 

Rummaging through the fridge to be sure that we will finish all foods before their expiration.


Writing in my journal and assuring Gregg that I'm not making fun of him in it. 

Reading tons of Woman's World and Real Simple magazines.

Singing ridiculous songs to Brody such as, He's a Handsome Boy He's Brody and the ever popular, Danger-Wolf

Hating my treadmill for sixty minutes, five times a week. 
Watching Roseanne reruns. 

Making lots of eggs, chicken, brown rice and steamed veggies and adding a waterfall of hot sauce to them. 

Updating my facebook status.

Revamping my resume. 

Writing silly blogs. 

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