August 23, 2010


I am so completely in love with a rainy day. When I saw the forecast on Friday predicting a sloppy Sunday I was beyond excited. I have been saying for weeks that I've been dying for a nice, rainy day. Well I can die no more. Yesterday was glorious. I was finally able to shut off my central air and open every window and door in the house. My curtains were waving in the breeze with thanks. For an added seasonal twist I lit a pumpkin spice candle. I may be rushing the start of Fall just a bit but the cool, damp air would have had anyone fooled. I actually had to put on fleece pants and long sleeves midday. This wonderful treat-day started off with me in the kitchen prepping a big, fat crock pot full of spicy Turkey Chili. (Spicy is putting it mildly - pun intended).

It is so great when you don't have any plans for the day and are able to just unplug and unwind doing whatever you want. Gregg and I chose the same to-do list: breakfast sandwiches, a workout, watching a movie and playing some PS3. We ended the day with fire-mouth chili and cool-down bowls of ice cream. Heaven.

Heading to bed, we both compared the bedroom to different memories we separately held. The breezy dampness reminded me of a beach house while he thought of his old camping trips. The sheets were so cold and everything felt bizarre. It was perfect sleeping weather. In fact, I had to get up at 5 am and shut the ceiling fan off - the screened windows were giving me all the chill that I needed.

When I pulled up the shades this morning I was more than pleased to find yesterday's puddles being fertilized by today's heavy drizzle. The sky remained a gloomy blend of white and gray. It energized me. Much like the vitamin D that a sunny day has to offer. I again lit my Autumn scented candle and pried my windows open further. Still clad in my fleece, I decided to make a pot of cinnamon infused coffee. I was going the distance.

This day has been lovely but doesn't compare to days that I can spend at home with my soul mate of a husband. While I enjoyed catching up on some of my DVR'd shows and magazines, journal entries, essay writing and even a little Tiger Woods (man, I really need to improve my short game) ... I would have rather spent this "me time" with Gregg. I am thankful for the weather just the same. As far as I am concerned gray is just as good as blue. And clouds are just as welcome as the sunshine. So don't leave on my account, low pressure. You're always a friend of mine.

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