July 31, 2010

What a morning!

On a cloudy, little morning when the air actually feels cool and fresh I can hardly resist a walk with the monster. I dressed in comfy yet very unappealing clothing, grabbed some plastic bags - just in case I have to lift vomit-inducing materials from a lawn- my phone, keys and Brody's leash. Getting that harness on him has not gotten any easier over the years. He can't just wear a collar and leash - no no. He's like a contortionist, he'll pull outta that before I close my front door. So a collar/harness combo is best. This also helps to yank him away from passing cyclist. He hates him a bicycle. He was pretty excited this morning - thrown off guard by my early rising and eagerness to enjoy the clouds before that sun wipes them off the map. 

It was a very peaceful and enjoyable outing... 

I thought this tree was adorable. I have no idea what kind it is but I love the leaves. 
Of course, it could be an oak tree for all I know. Never did pay attention to such info.

Bro simply must stop and sniff everything we pass, no exceptions to the rule...

My main objective was to head to the filthy yet beautiful pond. 
It may be dirty but it sure is purty... 

On our way back we FINALLY got to meet the puppy that I call "Fluff". 
We drive by the house all the time and see him lumbering around the yard but never 
actually saw him face to face - man is he cute!

And that concludes today's cloudy walk documentary.

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