May 27, 2010

... my favorite days...

Boy do I love vacation time. Normally we try to take the same two weeks each year... but being unemployed really takes the stress-work out of it for me. Vacation? WHY NOT?? Go ahead, Sheri, you certainly deserve it. Ugh. Anyway, I am getting side-tracked here, ahhh May vacation. We don't do anything fancy or exciting. We are still strapped with bills and living expenses - you know the drill. But we enjoy every single second of the week. We go to our favorite places, watch our favorite movies, cook our favorite dinners and enjoy our favorite "vacation moods" together. It is just really nice to see Gregg relaxed and not dead tired for a change... getting decent amounts of sleep and being able to enjoy life daily rather than having to squeeze in a few hours of fun on the weekend in between errands and yard work. 
Man, vacation is rad. 

Here are some pictures that don't exactly depict 'vacation' ... but they are like a little walk through our days ... 

... my favorite shade of sky

... hehehe

... a little treat for me

... can't leave Mystic without fudge I suppose

... nothing to say about this one, I just liked it

... in that napkin lies pieces of a horribly mean spider - he left my husband no choice 
but to pull over on the highway so I didn't throw myself out of the Jeep. 
I hate that spider and all his filthy pieces -and I am sorry that he made me litter.

... over the Jamestown Bridge

... and the Newport Bridge. 
It was 96 degrees that day but once we passed the center of this bridge 
the temp dropped about 15 degrees. Unreal. 

... classic shot

... I'd love to have a house down here (or a castle)

... beautiful Brenton Point - a favorite spot

... I love the face he's givin me. I think we named him Barnaby.

 ... we enjoyed these days immensely. I only wish there were more of them.


Happy Vacation to you, Gregg. You deserve 52 weeks. 

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