February 6, 2010

bye bye Roseanne re-runs ...

"Like a marble pulled by gravity along the course laid out for it, your next few moves will have a feeling of inevitability about them. Trust that destiny has your best interests in mind!"
This was my horoscope for Thursday, February 4. My mother had emailed it to me just around the time I was getting home from a spur-of-the-moment and impromptu job interview, unbeknownst to her. It was eerily appropriate.  

The night before I read a status update on Facebook that would ultimately change my own status. A friend of mine, and former co-worker, had noted that anyone seeking a desktop publishing/graphic artist position should contact her. Normally I talk myself right out of graphic arts positions because I do not possess the degree to win over the interviewer. I have experience in the field and have worked with the programs for several years but I am often intimidated by these job titles, especially knowing how many terribly qualified candidates are out there these days. I decided to shoot her a text anyhow, inquiring more about the job. She was enthusiastic to hear from me and said that I would definitely be qualified for this position. After a few emails with greater details I became quite optimistic. Working in the art department doing graphics for a Marketing company is exactly what I wanted to do. The location of the office is exactly where I had hoped to find a job someday. Only 15 minutes from home and low-traffic, highway driving. The hours would be Monday through Friday basic 8.5 hour day. The work was nothing I hadn't done before and, although it was a temporary position, it seemed like this could be a great fit for me. I didn't get myself excited and I didn't feel anxious or lose any sleep, I just felt intrigued and hopeful. The next morning my friend, let's just call her Maryellen, said that she would speak to her boss and keep me posted. Within an hour I received a text asking if I could meet with her and her boss that afternoon or some time on Friday. I was mid-egg sandwich when I read the text. I began shaking and my heart started flying. Holy shit. After giving it five minutes of thought I made a decision to meet right away. If I had waited until the following day I wouldn't have slept a wink and would have over-prepared which would probably result in a tired and somewhat phony demeanor. I am 100% genuine in any interview. I don't make promises that I don't intend to keep. I don't boast of skills that I don't possess. I don't lead you to believe that I am anything but what you see. I'm just me, and that has worked in my favor in every single interview I have ever sat through.

Now, Maryellen explained that it wasn't a hardcore interview but more of a meeting. She said her boss told her to let me know that I didn't "need to look all fancy". I ironed some black pants, found a couple of shirts to layer up trendily (which seemed more hobo-ey to me), settled on shoes and jewelry and went to the mirror. Jiminy Christmas! I had make-up on from 6:30 a.m. and my hair had literally been in the same position for a day and a half. I did a three minute fix-up and to those of you who know me - it is a miracle that I didn't get into that shower and start from scratch, emerging two hours later. BUT I figured I should go with my instincts and they were to get to this office ASAP as I was insanely eager and interested in this opportunity. I printed a fresh resume, shoved it into a manilla folder and pulled up the company website once again to find some general information. After reading directions to the office I was out the door. 

The office is perfectly located and so easy to get to. The large, main room is bursting with cubicles. A big conference room sits in the center of the building. I was given a slight tour by Maryellen along with a brief company history. We then walked into the owner's office for the 'interview' and I couldn't believe it - I wasn't nervous a LICK. I was so unprepared! I knew basically nothing about this company, I hadn't thought out answers to possible questions that would be fired at me, I had no portfolio to show this man and yet somehow I felt completely calm and casual. We had about a 15 minute meeting. He seemed to like me, my attitude and my work history. Maryellen vouched for everything I said and her word is gold - as it always was in any office. We were finishing up when I slid my resume over to the man and said "Here, you get to keep this." He looked at me and said, "With your proofreading skills I shouldn't expect to find any spelling errors right?" I said, "Try to find one, I dare you." He enjoyed that response and I was given a "thank you for coming in, we're going to talk a bit and we'll get in touch with you this afternoon". As I shook hands I thanked them in return for the invite and wished them a great day. I walked out of the building feeling pretty fantastic. 

About an hour later I received a text from Maryellen stating that her boss liked me and they were going to offer me a PERMANENT position. I couldn't even believe it and re-read the text to confirm. I was emailed an offer about an hour later and I graciously accepted it. I am to start next week. 

I am really still floored by this turn of events. So many things could have gotten in the way of this - the biggest being my self confidence. I am So glad that I decided to inquire about this job. I really learned a lesson by doing so. It doesn't always hurt to put yourself out there. Obviously it helps when you know a good friend is going to bat for you. There is an automatic comfort knowing someone on the inside. Knowing that your first day won't be filled with weird stares and whispers. Well, maybe SOME but at least you'll have someone on your side. You won't feel like the new kid with the wrong color sneakers. I can't thank Maryellen enough. As sad as I am to be giving up my wonderful, yet financially horrifying unemployed status - I am so thankful for this opportunity and really eager to begin this new chapter. I am hopeful that I will love it and settle in easily. Change is good. Change is really really good sometimes.


  1. Yay, Sheri! I am so happy for you :) Congrats and good luck in the new position!

  2. Hey Sherri! Jen (Bolduc) Carlone here! Started reading your blog recently - you are so talented! Congrats on your new job - this post is my dream come true! (I'm still at Chelo's and subbing for the 7th year...grrr....) It's good to see that good things happen if you put yourself out there. You're so inspiring! Congratulations!
    PS - they are so lucky to get you!

  3. Jen - that's SO sweet of you! Thank you so much :) ... sheesh ... 7 years of subbing hasn't hindered your adorable personality one bit! I hope you find something permanent super soon. You deserve it. Thanks again!


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