December 22, 2009

ho ho ho-ly mackerel...

Twas three days before Christmas
And much to my cheer
I am ready to welcome it
I've waited all year

The house is quite festive
Red and green off the hook
And Santas and snowmen
Adorn every nook

For each ornament, a place
On the big Christmas tree
Which has now been de-skirted
For my sanity

As cute as it was
In the trash it will sit
When it's covered in bug pods
I don't give a shit

The presents are wrapped
Some disguised as a test
PS3 games and movies
Are too easily guessed

The cards hang on ribbons
On the back of the door
And I've baked up some cookies
Just a few dozen more

Outside on the bushes
Gregg strung up the lights
While I watched from the window
On the coldest of nights

The snow has been shoveled
Right down to the brick
So our Christmas Eve guests
Won't break bones if it's slick

I bought some supplies
at Ye Olde Liquor Store
I had some White Russians
Now I have to buy more

We are ready to host
About twenty-five guests
With seating for twelve
Should be awkward, at best

I hope that you all 
Are enjoying your season
For all of the rushing
Is for quite a good reason

So hold onto your family
and keep your friends dear
Merry Christmas to all
and a Happy New Year



  1. I LOVE IT! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sheri and Gregg!


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