December 21, 2009

blizz o'nine ...

This past weekend the forecast called for a blizzard and to our surprise - the forecast was right. I have always enjoyed the snow- when I don't have to drive in it, that is. Shoveling isn't my favorite thing to do but, to me, the good outweighs the bad in any snowstorm... especially when it falls on a weekend and people can stay off the roads and at home to enjoy it.

It started around 8:45 on Saturday night. Gregg and I were watching A Christmas Story with our tree lit and our heat crankin'... all cozied up.

Within an hour the winds had started picking up and the "white-out conditions" began...

During the night it obviously continued pretty heavily and Brody could not WAIT to get outside to enjoy it. He actually woke us up at 6:30 so he could start running around - just like a little kid. He barely managed to sit still while we put his collar on and opened the slider to the deck ...

Shoveling was no easy feat. We had to lift the snow in three sections due to its height. I believe we got 15" in our area. I had a lot of trouble trying to brush the snow off of Gregg's Jeep just because it was piled so high. We each had our own section of the circular driveway to take care of ... and the city plows did nothing to lighten the load. Don't ya just love that giant packed pile at the ends of your driveway?? That took a while to chip away at.

When the shoveling was finally finished, we got into our super warm clothes, lit a fire and had hot chocolate. That is one cliché that I don't mind at all.  


  1. OH MY! I LOVE the pics you got of Brody! He is a gorgeous pooch!
    What a GREAT snow storm! We got about 18 inches here and we couldnt be more thrilled! Except the shoveling was painful! And next year it will all be my responsibility when Chris is on a lush tropical Island right below the equator!

  2. oh don't you hate shoveling?? i try to think of the calories i am burning while i do it! i take motrin before i even head out there haha.
    the circular driveway is no help. but i LOVE snowstorms!! bring them ON!

  3. Guess I'm a little off... I moved to New England for the snow. Snow shoes, shovels, ice fishing, playing with the ABS brakes on a snow packed dirt road... it's all good.

  4. Steve, this is definitely the wrong year for that! I miss having lots of snow storms. I really do love it -

    Thanks for reading ;)

  5. That snow looks so heavy! I bet you burned some major calories clearing that stuff away.

  6. May, oh it was ridiculously heavy haha. That was the only thing keeping me going ... I MUST be burning soooo many calories. Wish I could track that somehow next time haha. Thanks for reading :)

  7. Beautiful pictures...especially the ones with your handsome dog :) This is something that's completely foreign to me. The thought of shoveling that much snow seems so daunting! But it also looks beautiful. Just once I'd like to experience a snow storm like that!

    Thanks for sharing this with The Lightning and the Lightning Bug!

  8. Thanks Katie! I appreciate it. Maybe one day the timing will be right and you'll get your snowstorm :)


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