September 26, 2009

unfinished ...

All I wanted to do was update my bedding. That's all. Simple, little task. Find comforter/sheets, purchase comforter/sheets. Well after almost a year of searching for a "bright and cheery" comforter, I bought a reversible chocolate brown and linen colored one. Not bright or cheery but practical and classic. With a neutral wall color I figured it would be a good choice. Yes - I was correct, very nice looking. I also got some aqua blue king pillowcases and some white standard ones with aqua and lime green polka-dots to dress up the head of the bed. Good stuff. Mission accomplished. Onto the next order of busin-WAIT. Wait. No we aren't done here. See those curtains over there? Heinous. Don't match. Crap. Didn't think of that. Gotta find some dumb, brown curtains now. And shit. Above the bed, the framed picture that I love so much... it doesn't look right now. You can't have a sepia-toned picture of an iron gate just inches away from aqua polka-dots. Holy mackerel. That means new wall art. Headache. How does a friggin blanket turn a world upside-down? That is how. Sneaky comforter. He is tricking me further into debt. I see him twisting his handlebar mustache as I write this. (Didn't you know that all bedding is now equipped with facial hair?) Aaarrrgghh.

Next up? "Ooooh, Gregg! Let's paint the kitchen cabinets WHITE!!" Yes, I was the one who said this phrase almost as excitedly as it appears in writing with exclamation points at the end. In my mind, I figured it would just take a couple new paintbrushes, some primer and some freakin white paint. Thrilled at envisioning my new, clean, fresh-looking kitchen - I couldn't wait to get started. I took a look at the knobs and handles - you know - the ones that we painted black when we moved in to save a few bucks. Yeah those need to be replaced. No big deal... let's see how many we need... ... ... ... oh... what's that? We need three million? Ahh no problem. Oh and what's that you say?? We also need new hinges for every door? Right right right right right right right. Two hinges per door... forty katrillion doors --- awesome. Yes, this is all quite do-able. Ohhh and then let's take a look at the wall outlets, face plates, light switches and such ... certainly can't leave those scumbag-beige whilst everything else is marshmallow white now can we ?? Nope. So somehow, my small dream to buy a couple gallons of paint to create some white cabinets has now turned into me rummaging through closets to find things to sell on e-bay to make-over my entire kitchen. Unacceptable.


  1. Easy, there, Bloggins! One room at a time!

    But I see that your bedroom and kitchen aren't the only things getting made over - I LOVE the new look of your blog! I think it looks super cool, and I enjoy your little headings. "Blarchive" = genius.

    And thank you so very, very much for including me in the "blogs i love" section! You have been so supportive. Hug!


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