September 10, 2009

rise and whine

i climb outta bed,
check out the weather
brody and i
we wake up together

he stretches and yawns
i trip on his bone
twisting my ankle
all accident prone

we walk into the hall
i step on his tail
he yelps with disgust
morning fail

i put on his collar
the normal routine
let him outside
and hit the latrine

i fill up his water
provide fresh food
check powerball numbers
destroying my mood

living room curtains
open again
the golden girls thank me
for being a friend

now broseph is barking
insanely high pitch
thank you, bus stop
you son of a bitch

telephone rings
give me a break
i'm too busy making
my protein shake

what's today's list?
i'm unemployed, true
but i'm no lazy ass
i got shit to do

and there you have it 
thursday morning delight
reflected upon
on thursday night



  1. This made me smile - especially the part about the Golden Girls thanking you for being a friend!

  2. lolol
    that was AWESOME!!

  3. Thank you for being a down the road and back again,,, your heart is true your a pal and a confidant,,, and if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew,, you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say thank you for being a la la la la laaaaaaa

    So glad someone else my age enjoys that show as much as I do... lol .. Great blog Sher... :)


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