November 17, 2013

Those questions again...

Here is one of those little questionnaires that circled the globe back in 2008. I found a few bloggers doing this for "Old School Blogging - the November edition" so I jumped on board but am feeling too lazy to link up right now - 
Where is your cell phone? Charging on the kitchen counter with a brand new cracked screen that mysteriously appeared yesterday. So pissed. 

Your significant other?  He's sleeping in after 'guys night'  

Your hair? In need of freshening up, I had to cancel my appointment last week! (note: gotta reschedule that appointment) 

Your mother? The most selfless person you'll ever meet - almost to a fault. In desperate need of a vacation. Loves Days of Our Lives, Dancin' With The Stars, Italian food and the movie White Christmas. She passed on to me her love of Christmas, her passion for a clean home and her grandmother's recipe for Italian "gravy." 

Your father? A joker and instigator. Born and raised in North Carolina and a US Navy Veteran. He loves poker, Red Skelton and oyster stew. Living with Multiple Sclerosis and unable to walk. He passed on to me his love for Motown, Doo-Wop, Classic Rock and horror films.

Your favorite thing? My family. 

Your dream last night? Watching an Air Force plane crash at the airport and diving on top of my daughter to shelter her from the blast/debris.

Your favorite drink? Coffee or water. Alcoholic - Grey Goose and tonic with lemon. 

Your dream/goal?  I'd like to publish/illustrate children's books.

The room you are in? I'm in my living room with Christmas music on the television. 

Your fear? Loss of loved ones and my memories. 

Where do you want to be in six years? Comfortable in my life with an enjoyable job and plenty of free time with my family. 

Where were you last night? In this very room with one of my best friends, Elisha - hashing out life issues and smiling about great things.

What are you not? Discriminatory. 

Muffins? Oh how I love a pumpkin muffin. Or blueberry. Or corn. I rarely have them but if I had my way they would be an everyday coffee companion.

One of your wish list items? New living room furniture. Our recliners are shot.

Where you grew up? Rhode Island 

The last thing you did? I just looked up at the television to see who was singing this horrid jazzy Christmas Valentine song. Eeeek.

What are you wearing? Black sweatpants, t-shirt that reads "In Love", gray hoodie, Hello Kitty slippers and my glasses. Hands off, I'm taken. 

Your TV? Provides just enough entertainment yet the cost of cable is so outrageous I often wish I could get rid of it.

Your pets? Brody. (named for Chief Brody in the movie JAWS) He's a Shepard/Husky mix We rescued him about six or seven years ago. He's full of energy but definitely calming down as the years go by.

Your computer? Dell laptop, HP desktop. Someday a mac.

Your life? Pretty awesome. We have our woes like everyone else but I couldn't have imagined myself this happy fifteen years ago. 

Your mood? Currently in a bit of a funk. Lots of things going on but trying to pull myself out of it to enjoy the season. 

Missing someone? Paul. 

Your Car? Honda Civic which I've had for seventy-five thousand years.

Something you are not wearing? Socks. I am not a sock fan.

Favorite store? I frequent Marshalls, HomeGoods, Kohl's and Old Navy but I love Pier 1 - if only I could afford it. 

Your summer? This summer wasn't very memorable honestly - I'm more of a Fall and Winter gal.

Like someone? I like Soleil Moon Frye very much and the Today show cast minus Matt Lauer.

Your favorite color? I think I'd have to say Aqua at this moment. 

When was the last time you laughed? Last night when Elisha and I picked up our husbands from the bar. We felt like old moms waiting for their teenagers. We used to be the ones closing down the bars, now we wait outside in sweats for our husbands haha. 

Last time you cried? Just teared up reading this post from one of my favorite bloggers, May at Achieving Clarity. 

What is one thing on your To-Do list?  I need to finalize the grocery list and head to the market. I don't know what it is about meal planning but I LOATHE it. I hate trying to figure out what we will eat each week. If I ever strike it rich I'd love to have that task taken care of for me. I swear when I had Scarlett and was in the hospital for six days it was actually NICE to have crappy hospital food served to me three times a day. Mindless yet nourishing. 


  1. Feeling so close to you right now! Matt Lauer blew it with me over the whole Anne Curry debacle. Socks are confining. Your current outfit sounds delightful and you wear it with attitude as revealed by the hands off statement! Comfort and family are great longterm goals. And Hondas? Yeah, we own 4 including a Civic!

    1. Once again we find our similarities! I totally agree about Matt Lauer, that situation left a horrid taste in my mouth - now I view him as an arrogant and pompous fraud.


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