July 1, 2013

hagging out ...

Ever go out with a group of people and realize you are the oldest person amongst the crew? And are older than a few of them by more than five years? Or eight years? That's a pretty awesome feeling isn't it? (Nope). Well, this happened to me Friday night while celebrating a friend's birthday at a bar with a bunch of his friends. I don't really ever remember it happening to me before which is why I think this is such a big deal. I know it doesn't matter... at all... to anyone but CRAP! Who wants to be the oldest person anywhere??

Not helping matters, I've recently started to notice I am looking older. I'll see it in pictures, especially the ones taken in natural light - are you KIDDING ME, sunlight?? How bout you stop being such an asshole??  I've caught a few extra lines cropping up around my mouth and yes, there are often some bags under my eyes. I guess I could blame those on being a mom to a toddler but I think we all know it's the mid-thirties bullshit that everyone has to deal with. I've been buying random creams and serums trying to fight the inevitable. Some of which have disgusting odors and/or burn my face. All of which are just too expensive to explore any further. So, here I go. Into the deep end.

I will take some responsibility of course for my years of sun bathing and tanning. And I know I couldn't have talked my younger self out of doing either. A lot of us just can't resist a golden hue. Especially in our glory days.

Sure, everybody says I look the same, I don't look my age, they don't notice the lines... nobody wants to tell a friend that they are hagging out. I mean, I like to be honest but I could never look at a friend and say, How old are you? Yeah, that's what I figured... I can tell by those lines around your mouth. Nice way to get a busted eye. So, the real truth is between me and the mirror (and the sunlight). Don't let me down, Olay Regenerist. Or Garnier stinky-face serum. Or various dewy complexion promisers. We'll re-evaluate next year... and your asses will most likely be fired.

*** While this post is utterly ridiculous in nature - please take a few seconds to read about a heartbreaking situation that my friend's family is enduring. A mom of three, soon to be four, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and her insurance will not cover the natural treatments that she needs to help heal her body while keeping her unborn baby safe. This is her second attempt at a fundraiser. Please click here to read her brief bio and make a donation if possible. Share the link with everyone you can (facebook/twitter) to help increase her chance of reaching that goal! Her family is depending on the kindness of strangers --- Thank you!

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