March 13, 2013

What a Wonderful World ...

 "... I hear babies cry... I watch them grow
They'll learn much more... than I'll ever know
And I think to myself... what a wonderful world"

{What A Wonderful World  written by Bob Theile and George David Weiss 
and made famous by Louis Armstrong}

I just love this song - and this verse in particular. It gets me every time. During each listen I see the same image... 

A man with many, many years behind him, gray hair for proof of those years, sitting on a park bench watching children play. Possibly his grandchildren, possibly his great grandchildren, possibly strangers. With a smile on his face, he remembers his own youth. He only remembers the good in his life, forgetting the hard times as they aren't worth storing in his mind. He remembers his mother, his father and their grace. He sees his family gathered around holiday tables and birthday cakes. He recalls the pride he felt when he learned to ride his bicycle, brought home an "A" paper, graduated from high school and looked to his future with ambition and excitement. He thinks of the carefree times that he spent with his friends, running around town - being young. He remembers his own children when they were small. Their eagerness to learn new things, their loving hearts... their wonder. He never loses his smile watching those children play. He sees in them all of the wonderful things that have made up his life. Their bright spirits, kind souls and unblemished innocence fill his heart and bring peace to his mind and tears to his eyes. His life has been a gift, he realizes it now and prays for the children of this world. That they may see beyond the newspaper headlines, the wars, the  horror, the drugs, the greed, the diseases and the hate. That they will make their way with hope for better times and the power to make it so. He knows their potential is limitless. 

What a great song, huh?

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