March 7, 2013

lately favorites...

You can thank hockey for this post. Gregg is spending the evening in the living room with his Philly friends and I'm lying on "the bump" of our bed watching the E! special, Oz: The Great and Powerful. I gotta tell ya - the movie looks phenomenal. I also gotta tell ya that the lighting in this room is enough to make me custom-design awnings for my eyelids. Or I could put on a hat, whatever.

Anyway, this post is nothing but a few pictures of some 'lately favorites' of mine. Enjoy...

Not only do I love this adorable face - all smiles before breakfast - BUT please check out the t-shirt. Miss Punky Brewster is back in my life (and Scarlett has been officially introduced). I found this gem on and despite ordering it in a larger size, it's a bit small and I'm afraid we won't get much wear out of it. This picture, however, will last a lifetime.

I painted some rocks. I know, it would appear that I have too much time on my hands but that's not at all the case. I like to do creative little projects as often as I can and usually do when my mom takes the baby for the afternoon. This was just an easy way to keep the rocks that Scarlett picked out of our backyard in the cutesy, pastel world that I pretend to live in. 

Um... yeah. These. I found them at Target on clearance. They pretty much combine everything I love into one compact kick. Frigging adorable!

My makeshift coat-rack. Scarlett's coats always end up in a huge pile in our bedroom and I couldn't take it anymore. I challenged myself to find a solution without spending any money. So, here you see the wire hanger, (we all have one or two lying around) I added key rings from an assorted bag I had bought months ago for no reason, hung her coats from it and hooked it up over the door. It really doesn't get any easier than that.

This face.

After many months of searching for the perfect sippy/straw cup I've settled on this one. My mother bought it for three bucks at Target. I now use it for every meal, every snack, every sip. It seems there isn't a perfect cup out there but this one makes Scarlett happy and makes a very minimal mess. I'm learning that cheaper often IS better.

That's all I have for pictures - I do have one more thing to add however- Today I decided to shuffle all the songs on my iPod (which is somewhere around 30,000 songs) and the first five were: Across the Universe, Born to Run, Why Go - remix, What Is And What Should Never Be and 6th Avenue Heartache. Moral of the story: I might let my iPod deejay itself every now and again. Good stuff. 

So long, friends!

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