August 15, 2012

No, chef.

Once in a while I wake up just knowing what I'd like to make for lunch. Luckily, it's normally something that is Scarlett-friendly as well. So, today I felt like having an egg-white omelet with peppers and onions in a tortilla with cheddar cheese and cherry tomatoes on the side. Perfect! All morning I felt like I had this big surprise coming for Scarlett (she'd never tried peppers or tomatoes) and I couldn't wait for lunch. Little did I know, Miss Priss had her own surprise in the works...

Scarlett is a great eater. The only thing I can even think of that she hasn't liked is a Fig Newton that I asked my mother to give her last week. I thought she'd like the combo. Wrong-o. It's the only cookie (aside from a Mum-Mum) that she's ever tried - maybe she just doesn't have a sweet-tooth. Anyhow I didn't anticipate any negative reaction to peppers or tomatoes since she's a pretty big foodie.

Lunch is ready...

Scarlett dives in as usual. Like any baby, she thinks squishy textures are a frigging blast. She loves to smush everything around and wipe rainbows onto her tray with the grime. Fun for me, since I've recently sewn a dishrag to my right hand. She goes right for the tomato. Off to a terrible start ---
Apparently, she didn't enjoy that acidic ZIP as much as I'd hoped. Hmm. Interesting. I gave her the rest of her slop and waited for her eyebrows to raise. I'm still waiting.

She didn't love her lunch. Plain and simple. She had a ball rolling each piece of egg into a tinier piece of egg and promptly tossing them over the side of her chair. She pretended to gag on the peppers - but I know it was an act. She decided to try to be sly and put her hands over her head, around the back, dropping fistfuls of food behind her. This one's gonna be trouble. She did manage to get a few morsels down the hatch but it couldn't have been more than 15% of her meal. Hello, Earth's Best Chicken and Stars, mind being 2nd choice? (And that's why I keep a few jars on hand).

The good thing? I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch. It was delicious and just what I had in mind. After dining, I decided to tackle the floor. I thought for a few seconds about what would be the easiest method and ultimately went with the most GREEN option - the ole dust-pan and brush. A classic combo that I think will be my new daily go-to. I've been using way too many Up & Up paper towels lately. Gotta stop being such a planet-ruiner.

I realize that Scarlett isn't going to always enjoy everything I make for her - and that mealtime disappointments are expected and I should get used to them. But man, I had some high hopes for this one. She LOVES eggs. And what goes better with eggs than peppers?? (You're all saying BACON, aren't you??) Oh well. Another note to write in the baby book. ;o)

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