April 2, 2012

Monday: minute by minute

Monday, April 2, 2012.

Also known as EASTER BUNNY DAY!!!! (and my father's 62nd birthday)

Today I decided to partner up with Grammie and take Scarlett to see the good ole mall Easter Bunny. We've seen him in nearly everyone's family pictures across the state. The dingy yellowy costume that makes him look like he's been hidden away in somebody's cellar all year long just waiting for this week to make his appearance. His crafty straw hat complete with fake flowers. And his classic purple flowered dress. Ohhhhh wait, that's right, he's a GIRL. I always forget that. I just always thought of the Easter Bunny as a boy. The same way I tend to call all cats "she" and all dogs "he". Oh well. Either way, Scarlett enjoyed her first of many meetings with MISS Bunny.

The perfect sweetie outfit for Bunny-viewing

Sitting up like such a big girl 
(after tipping over and hitting her face on the carseat - Mama's fault - no marks, no tears)

Scarlett meets Madame Bunnyface McTilty-hat
Success!! (minus the fact that you can't see but three inches of her outfit)

After our festive, holiday event we had a little shopping to do at Target. I naturally needed baby wipes because pretty much any day of any week I could be in need of baby wipes. I wanted to also get this mesh feeder/teether that my friend Vanna told me about. Her daughter, the BEAUTIFUL miss Sydney was born just about three weeks earlier than Scarlett so she usually does everything just before us - I get the tips and reviews haha. So I found one ... 

I think Scarlett will enjoy this inventive alternate banana-eating experience. 

I also picked up some little puffs for her to try...

I'm thinking she'll enjoy those too.

And I got my Star-Wars obsessed nephews a couple of little things for Easter...

It's been a productive day and will continue to be as I call At(and)t and demand better rates. Wish me luck with that. There's always a huge rat-race that ensues with them. Last year my best friend, Kim, called them - pretending to be me - and got six months worth of awesome discounts. She's the miracle-worker when it comes to getting what she wants from people. Me, not so much. It's like I have a perpetual "kick-me" sign on my forehead. Here goes nothin'.....................

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