January 30, 2012

my moon...

I apologize, but I do believe my daughter's smile is responsible for global warming.
Well, maybe not, since she was just born in September but oh man does it melt my heart. I love everything about my little girl.

January 29, 2012

I'm no Ms. Dillon..

I've always had the writing bug, since I was very small. Actually, I started out by having the chatterbox/storytelling bug. Drove my mother NUTS. I can remember being as young as five and just blabbering on about how Baby Beth stole a chocolate chip cookie from Ernie. Our long rides to and from the doctor's office (I had strep and ear infections A LOT) would be flooded with my infamous tall tales. I cannot imagine how badly my mother wanted to strangle me. The point being - I always had something to say. And I would tell anyone who would listen to me for forty seconds.

January 28, 2012

2 hours... GO!

Last night (Friday night) I recommended that my husband take the baby to his sister's house for a visit while I stay home and get a little break time. Normally we would go together and although I always SAY that I'd like to leave early - I never do. Before I know it, it's 11 o'clock and we're screwed. Before baby, it wouldn't matter what time we left - but now I have learned that one false move and POOF goes the schedule. And it can take up to two weeks to get this baby back on track. ANYWAY, that was my master plan.

January 24, 2012

the itsy shitsy spider...

"My index finger stopped smelling like Desitin just in time to start smelling like Orajel"

Baby talk...

We've hit a bit of a rough patch over the past couple of weeks. First, miss Scarlett was hit with a stomach bug. Poor thing just did NOT feel good, you could see it in her beautiful eyes. For eight solid days she was leaking through all of her outfits. I did her laundry at least once each day for a week. It was so bad that I would RUN to pick her up from a seated/reclined/laying position when I could see her making "the face". My poor baby woke up in a puddle of horror every morning - and ohhhhhh the smell ... I shouldn't try to describe it, you may vomit. Well, screw it, I will say that it had a pungent, rotten popcorn aroma to it ... it was unacceptable.

January 23, 2012

one sad robe

Yes, robe. {As I typed that word I thought it looked so funny I had to second guess myself}. I don't know what it is about them but I just HATE robes!! I always have! It makes no sense. They are snuggly, warm, cozy, fluffy, soft ... should be a no brainer. But for some reason I have always had an aversion to them. Maybe I'm remembering my father's old 80's black and royal blue robe that looked like it was a second away from bursting into flames. Or maybe the classic cliche 'lady on the front stoop with rollers in her hair bending down to snatch the early morning newspaper' has turned me off. I don't know.

January 19, 2012

a letter to my dog...

Dearest Brody, 
I am truly sorry for neglecting you more-so since the baby arrived. You do need more playtime and lots of walks. I realize that throwing a cookie outside to you every two hours is a half-assed way to say 'I love you'. That being said, we do need to address your behavior. Simply put, you are being an asshole.