July 16, 2011

if i pass out in walmart so help me God ...

Week 29:

Well I guess I needed something to blog about so here is the lovely tale of my episode in Walmart this past week ... enjoy... 

I had a few things on my list to buy so I decided I would hit up Walmart the other day. After I had some breakfast (a honkin' bowl of cereal) I primped and headed out. I know the store like the back of my hand so I got what was needed, spent a little extra time picking out greeting cards and was ready to end my trip. While I was walking up to the registers I started to feel this very familiar heaviness in my belly and I noticed I was getting out of breath. This happened to me not too long ago - in the same store and several times before that in other stores, but not nearly this bad. I continued to the cashier and started to put my items on the belt. One by one the items felt heavier and harder to lift. I was now sweating and getting lightheaded. I remember thinking WHY did I have to buy detergent today?? It just seemed impossible to lift. I started to lose my hearing and heard a faint ringing while I tried to rest against my shopping cart. I knew if I didn't sit down immediately I would be on the floor. I have never passed out in my life but I just KNEW it was coming. I told the cashier that I had to leave my things and sit down. She was displeased to say the least. Another cashier came over to help walk me to a nearby bench at the front of the store. She asked what was wrong and if I wanted her to call an ambulance. I thought to myself if I pass out in Walmart so help me God. She called her manager over, who was very nice and understanding. She asked what I was feeling, did I need an ambulance, had I eaten anything, was I feeling hot, if I wanted a bottle of water etc. I explained that while I was sweating bullets I felt completely cool throughout my shopping experience. She brought me a bottle of water and told me to just sit and relax and let her know if I needed anything at all. Once I was seated it only took about 2-3 minutes for me to feel much, much better. I gathered my things and made my way back to the angry, inconvenienced cashier who had since turned her light off. She didn't say one word to me as she finished cashing me out. I walked out of the store, got into my car and went straight home. 

I decided to call my doctor because I had forgotten to tell her of my previous episodes at my last appointment. Now that it had happened in a much scarier manner I felt it was something I needed to disclose immediately. I explained everything to the nurse and she called me back with my doctor's input. They feel that I probably just didn't eat enough that morning. I told her that I have spent many a morning shopping around with nothing more than a giant bowl of cereal in my belly and been completely fine. She said to just keep an eye on it and keep my appointment for next week. (I have an ultrasound next week due to the fact that I am measuring a bit big as of my last appointment and I also have a regular checkup). I am not at all convinced that these episodes are due to my breakfast choices. In fact, I am positive that it has happened on a belly full of eggs, toast and chocolate milk as well. I'm wondering if maybe this baby girl is positioned all wacky and causing me to measure big and nearly pass out. Maybe she is laying on the big, super important artery?? Who knows. I guess we'll wait and see what the ultrasound has to offer. 

side note: I am excited that I get to see how much the baby has grown since week 19! Wish me luck! :o)

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