May 30, 2011

22 weeks down ...

Well, let's see. I have been pregnant for 22 weeks. Huh. Seems longer. And shorter. I remember the days where I wouldn't 'realize' that I was pregnant until it came time to take all of my vitamins. Now I have constant daily reminders. Here's whats been going on ...

I feel the wonderful flutters of this baby girl (the female Ivan Drago), mostly using my bladder as a speed-bag but sometimes just tapping me to say "hi, can you please not sit like that anymore".

I will sometimes suddenly require a nap. At that very moment. I have learned to just march into the bedroom and let it be. 

4" heels are no longer as comfortable as I used to pretend they were.

Dressing my "bump" is not adorable like you might see in the magazines. You know, the tall, thin, toned woman with a beautiful tan and little peanut sticking out of her abdomen that's draped in a gorgeous outfit with accessories to die for. Yeah that's not me. Although the doc says I've only gained 7 lbs as of my last appointment I can assure you that those 7 lbs have chosen their destination with a vengeance.  

Getting a good night's sleep consists of two to three hour intervals of being awake. But I get to decide what I obsess about whilst tossing and turning during that time, so TAKE THAT! 

Flip flops from Old Navy no longer provide the "support" that they didn't exactly provide before but I just never noticed. Oh, I still wear them, but after two hours of standing it gets ugly.

Ice cream has never been more awesome. I try to remain strong, never finishing a pint in a sitting or anything - but I do polish off about one pint per week. (See comment about hips).

I have two choices for getting up from a seated position. One: get up like a normal person all hectic and carefree. That results in a burning pain under the belly that is quite undesirable. Choice two: the grandma get up. 

I think I have basically covered the good stuff. I am enjoying being pregnant so far. The heat has crept over to our neck of the woods but we have central air and I plan to hibernate in the bedroom watching movies when it's unbearable. I am having fun picking out different things for the baby's room too. I found a patchwork quilt online and an adorable pillow at HomeGoods and a few other things here and there. I have so many ideas for the walls and decorations, it's going to be just perfect. It will all match in a non-matching way. We picked the paint color last night - Lemon Twist - mmm now I want a lemon square. And that's about it! 

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day Weekend. 
Love to you!



  1. Def. agree about the heat! It's terrible! When are you due?! Can't wait to read more...Brings back so many wonderful memories of when I was pregnant...Such a great time in my life! Can't wait to do it all over again...not yet of course!

  2. That is so histerical... I know it all too well sheri!! I am sure you look just beautiful, and good luck, can't wait too meet her!!!

  3. Thanks girls!

    Jaime - you are considered a PRO by now! :o)

    Lisa, I am due September 29th :o)


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