March 22, 2011

She savored a Tuesday

Today I tied up the last two loose ends associated with my Etsy endeavor. Closed my "for etsy" checking account and handed in the keys to my PO box!! Ahhhhh done and DONE. Feels wonderful! I have deleted bookmarks, shredded paperwork and scratched out passwords. 

"Saw things so much clearer once you were in my rear-view mirror"  - Pearl Jam

After freeing myself I joined my mom in a little trek to the Cracker Barrel store. We like to check it out from time to time to see what's good. Found a few things in there today. Some items to add to my father's birthday gift and a perfectly perfect shadow box to hang on the wall of my soon-to-be newly painted bathroom! (No rush, Gregg, seriously! Just getting a jump on things). OH and I can't forget the Chuckles that I purchased for Gregg and myself. Mmm Chuckles (the little colored, fruity jelly candies) ... they were my very first candy love. 

After our jaunt we headed to T's for lunch. I strayed from my "usuals" of soup and half grilled cheese or an egg white omelet and decided to go for the blueberry pancakes with a tall glass of french vanilla iced decaf. Man, what a delicious choice. The pancakes came out in a stack of three and each was the size of my face so I devoured one and lugged the other two home. I thought it odd to doggie-bag pancakes but apparently, as the waitress informed me, "people do it all the time". 

Full from our delightful dining experience we walked off our lethargy in a couple of North Kingstown consignment shops. I was able to snatch up two beloved childrens books (The Foot Book and Gregory, the Terrible Eater) for under six bucks while my mother found two necklaces she could add to her rotation. Always a pleasure to score some cheap digs that just may have been YOURS one day.

What a lovely day I've had so far ~ hope yours was just as satisfying.


  1. "Gregory the Terrible Eater" was, and may still be my favorite book of all time! Either that or "There's a Monster at the End of This book"!

  2. Jess I haven't heard of the other book - I'll have to look for it! I have a teeny obsession w/childrens books. I LOVE them!

    Alana - it was lovely, it was just one of those days where everything goes just right :) Nothing spectacular but simply fine.

  3. I love old children's books, too! Kiddo already has a huge library :)

    And p.s. Cracker Barrel always skeeved me out. Every time I saw a billboard I would want to wretch. Then one day I drove by one and thought, "I could totally go for a biscuit." That was when I knew pregnancy was f'ing with me!

  4. hahahha Jo - just for the record I don't like Cracker Barrel's food - well, they have a good salad I guess. But I love the little store.

    I am such a sucker for old children's books - I am always on the lookout for the ones I had as a kid :)

  5. The "monster at the end of this book" is Grover! I had that book as a kid and somehow ended up with another copy in my kids' bookshelf (no idea how or when). I always loved Grover. But anyway...glad you had a great day and told us about it. Love to read anything you have to say.

  6. Thank you so much, Craff... I truly appreciate that. I often have nothing to say but decide to say it anyway -

    Hope you are doing fantastic!


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