March 27, 2011

memory lane ...

My parents, in preparation for their upcoming renovations, recruited my brother and my husband to clean out their garage. Yesterday was the day to do so. Since I am not mentally able to stick my hand into any cobwebby corner or rifle through a bag of old stuffed animals that may or may not contain mice and/or bug carcasses - I decided to play it safe and watch Misery in the living room with my Grandmother. From time to time I peeked in to see how the ole "toss or keep" was coming along. I was looking forward to the moment when my brother said "Here's the fun stuff!" (meaning our old toys). 

I had a few bags of dolls and stuffed animals that had been tossed up into the attic and left there for 20 years!!! Seems like forever ago. I couldn't wait to see them again. Sure enough, the time came. Here are the few that I decided to keep ... and yep, they've already been through the washer and dryer twice haha. 

This is "Lolly Dolly" ... and no, I didn't name her that! She was in the crib with me from day one. She's in great condition and if I ever have a baby girl she will be passed along.

My old Pound Puppy, Brandon. Yep, I named him after Punky Brewster's beloved pet. This guy looks brand new aside from one weird patch on his back, I may have glued or burned him, can't tell haha. 

Can't tell you where I got this thing but this is Granny Cat. The glasses are ridiculously awesome. Who doesn't love a strange hand puppet?? 

Such a favorite when I was little, Holly Hobbie. She may have first appeared in the crib as well. I am in love with patchwork and her little dress is just too cute. Not sure where her other braid went ... a mystery. I love her though.

Little Christmas Baby Smurf

Okay, quick story... we are standing around (Me, Gregg, my brother and my Mom) just in awe of all the toys and dolls we're finding - and we're remembering their names and having our flashbacks and Gregg finds THIS GUY, holds him up and says, "Gallagher!!" and we all died laughing. He said, "all he needs is a mallet and a watermelon!" ... ugh we were rollin. So funny... so I had to keep him.

Along with these little gems we also found some of my old and beloved books...

The Nose Book has seen better days for sure

This was one of my favorites EVER... loved it!

Anyone else remember Sticker Books?? I was obsessed as a kid. Looking through this book cracked me up. If you click on the picture and look at the right page there is a pig dressed up in Star Wars gear named "Ham Solo" ... classic. I miss stickers.

It was so fun looking back on all of these things. My mom came across a box full of our baby blankets and clothing and shoes. Receiving blankets, Christening outfits - the cutest little things. I am a firm believer in tossing junk before it piles up and becomes a chore - but some things should never be thrown away - like the sweetest memories of yesterday. Such a great way to feel like a kid again.

March 22, 2011

She savored a Tuesday

Today I tied up the last two loose ends associated with my Etsy endeavor. Closed my "for etsy" checking account and handed in the keys to my PO box!! Ahhhhh done and DONE. Feels wonderful! I have deleted bookmarks, shredded paperwork and scratched out passwords. 

"Saw things so much clearer once you were in my rear-view mirror"  - Pearl Jam

After freeing myself I joined my mom in a little trek to the Cracker Barrel store. We like to check it out from time to time to see what's good. Found a few things in there today. Some items to add to my father's birthday gift and a perfectly perfect shadow box to hang on the wall of my soon-to-be newly painted bathroom! (No rush, Gregg, seriously! Just getting a jump on things). OH and I can't forget the Chuckles that I purchased for Gregg and myself. Mmm Chuckles (the little colored, fruity jelly candies) ... they were my very first candy love. 

After our jaunt we headed to T's for lunch. I strayed from my "usuals" of soup and half grilled cheese or an egg white omelet and decided to go for the blueberry pancakes with a tall glass of french vanilla iced decaf. Man, what a delicious choice. The pancakes came out in a stack of three and each was the size of my face so I devoured one and lugged the other two home. I thought it odd to doggie-bag pancakes but apparently, as the waitress informed me, "people do it all the time". 

Full from our delightful dining experience we walked off our lethargy in a couple of North Kingstown consignment shops. I was able to snatch up two beloved childrens books (The Foot Book and Gregory, the Terrible Eater) for under six bucks while my mother found two necklaces she could add to her rotation. Always a pleasure to score some cheap digs that just may have been YOURS one day.

What a lovely day I've had so far ~ hope yours was just as satisfying.

March 14, 2011

Petunia has left the building

Yes, it's true. I have decided to 86 Petunia and the ole Etsy shop. Shed not a tear, friends, it is for the best!!

What can I say? I put everything I had into getting the shop started and had the amazing support of my friends and family ... but I quickly fell out of love. My prints suddenly looked ridiculous to me. Petunia became annoying to look at and even think about. The daily grind of Twitter/Etsy forums/Facebook page-updating and promoting, promoting, promoting just wore me right down. What I once enjoyed became an enormous and daunting chore. Nobody wants that. The reason I started my Etsy shop was because I love creating new characters and scenarios and I thought maybe others would love them too. But over time, I developed a bit of a bitterness toward my artwork. I don't look at it the same. And I refuse to promote something that I don't believe in. SO, today I have emailed the wonderful team at Etsy to ask that my shop be demolished. It may take some time but I can wait. I took the liberty of deleting my Facebook page and deactivating my Twitter account - I am SO not a tweeter. Never did enjoy it. I feel lighter already. Things were getting away from me. Even my blogging became insanely boring and repetitive. I am not a sales-gal, nor a pusher. I'd like to now get back to basics. Clean slate so to speak! 

I will blog when I feel like it ... no pressure. When I started Sheribloggins it was for my own enjoyment. When I received such great praise and began to see that people were following it was very gratifying. At the same time I felt lame and like I needed to step it up in order to keep people interested and happy. While I do wish for you all to be interested and happy I also realize that I am not an entertainer. Haha. So from here on out, I will post when I have something to say and my hope is that you will read it and not feel disappointed. :o) 

Thanks to everyone who supported my Etsy efforts ~ you guys are the bestestestEST!!

Now what do I do with all these business cards?? Hahaha