February 25, 2011

Noteworthy goodness...

(in no particular order)

The roasted eggplant panini from Bertucci's

The Thursday night NBC newcomer, Perfect Couples

The birth of a best friend's baby boy, Samuel Edward

Finally reaching the end of an ongoing financial saga

My darling friend's amazing four months of sobriety 

American Idol's very accurate choices this season
My adorable new Wizard of Oz mini snap wallet from Cranberry Lover

Recent afternoon cat naps

Rekindling my love for Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Some things are huge and very important and should be celebrated... others are small, insignificant and boring. However, ALL are noteworthy because they make me smile. 
That is all 


February 16, 2011

Lazy ass

Ummmm... hello.

It appears as though I have forgotten about my blog. And my etsy. And my twitter. And even facebook. Well, no, I haven't forgotten - I have just been unable to find my motivation. Each day I think - hmm I should really post something or create something but the fake desire quickly fades into the reality of my new-found laziness. 

There are several beyond frustrating situations in my life right now that are detaining my creativity. There are also wonderful scenarios that are occupying a lot of my free time and thoughts. The combination has left me loathing my computer and longing for my couch. Last week I read Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King. I do love the escape of a book. If you're a King fan be sure to read this one. I loved it. I have also spent a little time with Rosemary (and her demon baby) as well as beloved characters such as Bob Wiley and the lovely cast of (500) Days of Summer - WHICH by the way I am obsessed with and if you haven't seen it I think you should give it a whirl. I love it. 

As far as my Etsy shop goes ... I am just not INTO it right now. I was all gung-ho and that just came to a screeching halt. It started when my printer started acting like a big, fat jerk. I now have to come up with a solution to that - either buy a new one or find a place to print my stuff that won't bust me. Both easy fixes but the thought of doing either of those things right now just repulses me. I want nothing to do with it. So ODD. I just lost interest and am hoping to find it again very soon. I also want to explore some mixed media rather than strictly digital prints. I feel that I am really limiting myself by sticking to Illustrator only. Who knows. I may be changing direction though. Love to keep it fresh! 
Yeah so, its mainly been spaghetti, movies, Mr. King and random jaunts about town lately. No fun pictures to post. And the only thing I've created is a monster appetite for macaroons from Dave's Marketplace. Damn those are good. Can't even stand it. 

So don't mind me! I'm just riding this no-motivation wave at the moment but it has to break sometime...right??

February 3, 2011


A Grumpy treasury featuring my grumpy owl print ...
Give it a click to see the other awesome items listed. I love the dolls and the "Bad Day" plates, SO CUTE!

February 1, 2011

winter window

My Winter Window print featured in a treasury today among very brilliant fellow "etsyers" :)
Please help us all out by giving it a click