December 23, 2010

sheri crocker part two ... also the final chapter

I believe I have completed my entries for the baking extravaganza 2010. Oh what a time we've had. I am SOOOOO thankful for double wall ovens and the plethora of cookie sheets that we own. Things ran like a well-oiled machine in that kitchen today. Cookie sheets came out of the oven, cookies rested for a minute, then were transferred to cooling racks, after baking sheets were cooled they were filled with new cookies and thrown into the oven, the ones on the cooling rack were then transferred to an airtight container while cooling cookies then took their place. Quite the assembly line indeed.

Today's list of goodies?

Gingerbread cookies
Peanut Butter cookies
Sugar cookies
Chocolate Chip cookies
Glazed pecans
I know you don't believe me so here's proof ... 


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