September 1, 2010

matches made in heaven...

There are so many material things in our home that I love even though they aren't considered necessities. They were created to sit on a shelf, counter or table or hang on a wall simply for viewing pleasure. Although unimportant and maybe ugly to most, these things make me happy every single day. That is their purpose. I am very impulsive when I see something I like. I clutch it instantly which full intent to purchase it. Sometimes I put it back on the shelf and continue walking around the store, all the while obsessing in my head over this amazing item. Nine times out of ten I will go back, with a quick pace, and grab the must-have and race to the registers. Afterward, I always feel great about my decision, knowing that each piece was meant to spend the rest of its days in our home. While walking around the house today I made it a point to visit some of my favorite things and I took a minute to admire them.

My What's going on? / Bill-paying station. 
I could NOT get by without this calendar.
My plants... they've come a long way. 
It's a happy little green area.
I have always loved strawberries and I remember finding this cookie jar in the Cracker Barrel gift shop a few years ago. It was one of my "must have"s.
I found these canisters at Home Goods and they were super super cheap. 
Coffee, Tea and Sugar. So adorable.
I loved this pitcher when I first saw it and forced myself to leave the store without it. I went back the next day and bought it with the intent to fill it with fresh flowers each week. That got old (and expensive) quick - hence the utensils. Still in love.
Little fruit and veggie magnets. These were my mother-in-laws. When I was dating Gregg I would always play with the corn guy's hair when I went to his house. His mom gave them to us when we moved out. 
And yes, I still play with the corn guy's hair.
I really could have made this myself but I saw it in a magazine that offers personalization and just decided to get it. I like everything about it except the font on the keys. Should have stayed authentic with that one.
One of my favorite groupings in the house... the top of my dresser. The very same dresser that I used as a little girl only back then it had pink knobs and Strawberry Shortcake wallpaper on the sides. 
This is my little "finishing touches" place.
Another Home Goods steal. Framed tiles that match our bathroom perfectly.
Obsessed about this print from the very day that I saw it. Months later, it was a gift from my Mom. 
Thanks, Mom!
Found these old match books for $1.00 each in a consignment shop. Paired with a $4.00 bowl from the clearance section in Kohl's it has become one of my favorite decorations.
Two cherished things here. First, the Theatre shelf. This was the very first piece of decor that I bought. It started my whole obsession. I basically designed our first apartment around this shelf. Haha. Next, the Skeleton keys. I have always had a thing for keys and I bought these many moons ago ...

There are many more items and spots that I adore but I simply couldn't snap a picture of them all today. Maybe someday I'll make a sequel. I just love our home.


  1. Somebody needs to scoop you up as their interior decorator - you have a flair!!

  2. Where did you get that "tree" thing to hang your necklaces? I love it!! -Jen C.

  3. The jewelry tree came from Urban Outfitters, one of my favorites! :o)


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