September 22, 2010


The day has finally come!! Our prayers (well, some of them) have finally been answered!! We have dreamed of this day and are now stunned by its arrival. 

Our neighbors are taking down their above-ground pool!! 

Now, hold on. Don't judge me just yet. 

Of course I realize that everyone likes to cool off in the hot summer heat by throwing a florescent inner tube in the ole dunk tank and setting sail for a few hours. Understood. And I further understand that a person's backyard is their business. Gregg and I certainly don't have a landscaped wonderland for our neighbor's viewing pleasure. Quite the contrary. But in my opinion a few hundred weeds - some of them quite lovely - and a few of Brody's toys and soccer balls don't really look too bad when paired up against a nautical themed yard that pales in comparison to a Namco ad. Honestly, the fishing net and buoys tied to the retaining wall?? The oars and paddles in desperate need of a power-washing?? The beach towels that hang on the line three seasons out of the year?? I mean really. I'm not trying to be a douchebag here but let's be serious. Not only does the skeevy little pool, whose water is forest green all summer long, cause a shudder but the wooden deck attached to it is just as bad an eye-sore as the friggin fishing net. Lattice lattice everywhere!!! 

Now I know we are getting ahead of ourselves here. Just because the oldest boy was bashing a hammer into the pool sides yesterday doesn't necessarily mean that they won't rebuild. Or that the one story deck is about to see its demise. And who's to say that the buoys will be removed?? I am really jumping the gun with my excitement. But ya know what? Sometimes you just gotta go for it. Ah, maybe there's a let down in the future but I am swingin' from the chandelier (or twenty year old dusty ceiling fan) on this one and I don't care what lies ahead!! Ahoy, Cap'n Nemo!!!

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