November 24, 2009

there's a first time for everything ...

I would just like to quickly recap a few recent happenings that haven't happened before (to me, anyway).

1. Saturday afternoon Gregg and I took a ride to HomeGoods and in the parking lot we heard an interesting conversation. "Did you just fart?" was the real attention grabber here. Said, quite loudly, by a middle-aged mother strapping her child into the back seat of a mini-van. Gregg and I continued our walk to the door trying not to break our conversation until we were far enough away that we could laugh our asses off. Because yes, we are mentally still 8 years old a lot of times.

2. I was lucky enough to dine out with Gregg, enjoying calamari, filet mignon, crab cakes and dessert, all for the low price of $9.00. Clearly we had a gift card and only had to add money in for the tip BUT still... when did you ever have a delicious meal of that caliber for nine bucks?

3. We turned the living room into a bedroom and watched Christmas movies. This, I think is my favorite. I asked Gregg if we could blow up the air mattress and put it in the middle of the living room and he said SURE. Who's gonna turn down the option to lay in comfy makeshift bed while watching the "big TV" ?? We put sheets and a big, down comforter on it, threw our bulky pillows up top and climbed in like little kids. Brody, of course, got into the action - eating his bone on my shin. All in all, though, it was fun.

4. I took Gregg's Jeep in for an oil change yesterday. As usual there were a couple of people in the waiting area along with the dirty community toys (vomit), water cooler, m&m dispenser and roughly forty newspapers and magazines to thumb through. Obviously I brought my own magazine and sat with the rest. The typical "funny videos" show was on the TV and I didn't realize how good I had it until the Wendy Williams talk show came on. Holy mackerel ... just google it or watch it one day. I was livid. Just as I was about to hurl myself through the tire-covered, plate glass window, an older man walked in with his PUPPY!!! He sat down next to me and we had a lovely conversation about our dogs while I continued to pet the good girl until my name was called.

And there you have my random first occurrences ...


  1. How can you not love Wendy Williams? The woman is a train wreck. I started youtubing her after watching Joel McHale rip her apart on the Soup :)

  2. i honestly could not stop myself from shaking my head in disbelief while sighing and tsking at the television. it's all unacceptabllllllle!!!

  3. hey that living room bed was my idea lady!

  4. half-liar!!! i said "i wish we could lay in bed and watch the big tv" and you said you'd blow up the air mattress. in all fairness it was 50/50 sheesh.


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