September 29, 2009

snip snip ...

I love the feeling I get when just leaving the salon. Walking to the car, my hair is bouncing around freely and dispersing into the air the sweet scents of expensive hair products. I can't help but take a glimpse in my rear-view mirror to see that amplified shine and the fresh, choppy layers. Since I have been going to Tanya I have been a more-than satisfied customer.

I look forward to my visits. I get an iced coffee and bring a magazine. We chat while she slathers on the color and I read while the lovely heat lamp is blazing my mane. With each snip of the scissors I can feel the new life being breathed into my hair. The roots lift, the ends are once again fierce and the layers, fresh. I try to wait as long as I can between visits due to my lack of funds. And since I am lucky enough to not have 'grays' I really have no need to get my color done but I just enjoy that rich, dark hue more than my normal plain-Jane brown.

My friend, Cassie, first told me about Tanya a few years ago. She, and a few of her friends, had been going to her for years. Back then, Tanya was at The W Salon and I decided to give her a try since my hairstylist at the time wasn't cuttin' the mustard - to put it mildly. I immediately loved her. She is not only adorable with a great personality but she is extremely talented in her field. She has a very artistic way of styling. You tell her what you want - she does it... and if she doesn't think it will work for you - she let's you know ahead of time before bad choices are made. She now has her own salon - Salon de Moda and I will never go to anyone else as long as she is in the biz.

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  1. I wish I had a Tanya! And, wait - did you say that your hair got even shinier?!?


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